Revolutionizing Embryology.

We are making In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) more accessible than ever. An embryology lab in a box that pushes IVF to a whole new level.

Our Features

The NaturaLife: an embryology lab in a box, currently has 3 main features:


Embryo Testing

The NaturaLife can perform non-invasive genetic embryo testing.


Egg Freezing

Oocyte cryopreservation following standardized best practices.


Embryo Freezing

Embryo vitrification following standardized best practices.

Our Technology

Introducing NaturaLife

Our amazing team working out of Cambridge, UK and Madrid created the world’s first desktop Embryology lab in a box for IVF, non invasive embryo testing, and egg & embryo freezing.


The overture Metabolomics test enables clinics to know which embryos are viable before implantation.

• It's non-invasive

• 85%-90% accuracy in embryo selection

• Designed to analyze spent media after embryo culture to day 5, and rank embryos according to likelihood to implant and be euploid.

A brief introduction

The Future Of Embryology

You will get to know our team, our vision and our values. We are here to revolutionize embryology, learn how and why in a one minute long video.

Taking The Stage

Martin Varsavsky, CEO at Overture, at Slush 2019

Our founder and CEO, Martin Varsavsky, was a keynote speaker at the Slush conference in Helsinki. He presented the NaturaLife to the world for the first time. Watch the video!

Latest News.

Overture is making news all around the globe, check below some of our most recent mentions in the press!