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A team of multi-disciplinary professionals on a mission

The founder of the largest fertility clinic network in the US, the father of embryo genetic testing (PGT) and the former CSO at IVI have joined forces to allow reproductive technologies to be more economically accessible.

Our mission


assisted reproduction.


families have healthy babies when they are ready.


an embryology platform with the best protocols worldwide.


IVF pregnancy outcomes thanks to process automation and non-invasive embryo selection.

Meet Our Team

The founders of Overture, born to innovate.

Martin Varsavsky


Santiago Munne


Jose Horcajadas


Meet Our Investors

The investors of Overture.

Marc Benioff

Founder at SalesForce

Anne Wojcicki

CEO at 23AndMe

Susan Wojcicki

CEO at YouTube

About the IVF cycle

During the manual processes of assisted reproductive techniques, success and embryo health can be affected by the number of manual interventions. In Overture Life our goal is to greatly increase the number of success cases by automating the different procedures involved in assisted reproduction.